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We are pleased to be able to offer upon request the food items which can now be cooked in vegetable oil as an alternative but in addition to traditional cooking mediums.

To make it easier for our customers we have produced a 'Vegetable Oil' Menu which lists all the products we are able to cook in oil and which are also suitable for those following a 'non gluten- containing ingredients' diet. 

Whilst we trial this service are able to provide this additional menu on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and a Sunday (We do close on a Sunday through some of the winter months). This service will be on offer on these days from opening until one hour before close. We do ask for your patience and understanding whilst preparing these items, especially during our busier times. We advise you to phone in advance to allow us to better prepare, however, we ask you still join our queue upon arrival. If you have any concerns about allergies or intolerance's or about what items are cooked in these pans please speak to a member of staff about our ingredients before placing your order.

The allergy information provided by Seabreeze relates to foods used as actual ingredients deliberately present in our dishes.
The information has been obtained from our suppliers and all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.
We take the issues of food allergies very seriously however all of our dishes are produced and prepared in an environment that is not free from gluten, milk, nuts and other allergens.

If you are sensitive to the trace presence of an allergen or allergens we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that any of our foods are suitable for you.


Regular Chips                                          £1.85

Kids Chips                                                £1.50

Large Chips                                              £2.25

Fishless Fish (Banana Blossom)            £4.10

Cod                                                            £4.10

Large Cod                £6.15, £6.85, £7.50, £8.20

Haddock                   £5.35, £6.00, £6.65, £7.35

Fish Pattie                                                £2.05

Fishcake (homemade, no breadcrumbs)£1.70

Fishcake(Smoked Haddock, mozzarella & spring onion) £1.70

Fishcake (Thai-style Cod & Prawn)                    £1.90

Cheese & Vegetable Bake                      £1.30

Vegetable & Bean Burger                        £1.60

Chia Nuggets.                      (4) £2.50 (8) £5.00 

Pineapple Ring                                            .90

Onion Rings                                             £1.40


Mushy Peas, Curry Sauce          £1.10  £1.30

Gravy, Baked Beans                   £1.10  £1.30

Splashes of the above                           £0.95

Garlic Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Splash or Dip pots  .95    1.10

Tomato Sauce, Mayonnaise or Tartare Squeeze Me    .30

Grated Cheese                                            .95

Tomato Sauce Bottle                              £1.80 

Vinegar Bottle                                          £1.25

Pickled Egg                                                  .50

Pickled Onion                                              .30


All children's meals are served with a kids chips, a cup drink, lolly and a toy. Choose from

Fishcake, Cheese & Vegetable bake, Pineapple Ring or Onion Rings       £3.35

Vegetable & Bean Burger                                  £3.35

Fish Bits                                                   £3.70

* Whilst staff are trained to ensure that every precaution is taken to ensure your meal remains gluten-free, we must advise you that products containing gluten & wheat are still produced/used on the premises. Please let an assistant know your requirments, even if you just require chips so that we can use seperate utensils.

For more information on Seabreeze Fish and Chips, please view our contact page and get in touch.

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