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Seabreeze is a well-established family run business situated in Redcar. With nearly 25 years’ experience we have built a reputation for quality food and friendly service, we are committed to providing high quality food for you to takeaway and enjoy. We aim to provide the best experience for each and every customer.

Over the years, we have been proud to receive awards including the Seafish Quality Award, a 5 out 5 food hygiene rating with our local authority, among others. To ensure we provide you with the finest fish and chips, all our food is freshly prepared daily and most is cooked to order. Our dedicated team of trained staff ensure consistent preparation standards are met at all times and they take great care in producing high quality fish and chips time after time. This website has been created to give our loyal customers an insight into all of the hard work which goes into their favourite chip shop meal, whilst also aiming to show our future customers just why they should give us a try.


Protecting the nation’s favourite

Sustainability is ‘meeting the needs of today, whilst protecting the needs of tomorrow’. The fishing and farming industry work extremely hard to ensure that the sea and land continues to provide a living for us all now, and for future generations.

At Seabreeze Fish and Chips we have a good relationship with our fish suppliers. Our suppliers actively promote the use of certified, sustainable species. All of the Frozen at Sea fish that we use is of the highest quality, and is fully traceable. We buy from several well respected trawlers who are committed to responsible sea fishing.

Seabreeze has very strong links with a local farmer who provides the potatoes we use for the most of the year. These potatoes are grown locally which helps to support jobs and the economy in our area. It also helps to aid in the preservation of our environment by ensuring that there are low food miles from land to plate.

The varieties we use vary from season-to-season, but we work closely with our local grower to maintain a constant supply of the main varieties which are used for chipping. These include; Maris Piper, Victoria, Markies and more recently Cabaret, all of which have their place throughout the year.

By using the local grower we manage to maintain consistency for longer periods of time. Therefore, keeping our customers happier, with the least amount of unnecessary alteration to our products.

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